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Центр градиента Прозрачный

First Food Trade is a Ukrainian trading agency for food products and agricultural commodities.

Ukraine is one of the world’s leading agri-food producers and exporters: sunflower, soybean, rapeseed oil and meal, grains and their processing products, honey and walnuts, milk powder and butter, poultry and birds' eggs, frozen fruits and berries, sugar confectionery and much more.

The mission of First Food Trade is to connect and support one with the other: a reliable producer and an interested buyer. We highly value our partnerships with trusted manufacturers in Ukraine and foreign importers-distributors. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to strictly ensure the growth of sales and development of the business of all our partners.


  • Export sales outsourcing

  • Search and attraction of foreign clients

  • Document preparation and export sales support

  • Launching new brands into the new markets


  • Trading of Ukrainian agri-food products from manufacturers that we officially represent

  • Search for agri-food product suppliers from Ukraine

  • Search for private label contract manufacturers in Ukraine


Центр градиента Прозрачный

Meat and meat processing products:

  • chicken, turkey, beef, pork

  • sausages, cured meat, boiled pork, ham etc.

  • nuggets, cutlets, burger cutlets etc.

Dairy produce:

  • milk, cream, yogurt, condensed milk, sour cream etc.

  • whey cheese and curd, hard cheese, processed cheese

  • butter, margarine

  • milk powder, caseinate, acid casein, fat filled milk powder, whey protein concentrates

Birds' eggs:

  • fowls eggs in shell

  • dried egg products (egg yolk powder, egg white powder, whole egg powder)

  • liquid egg products (liquid egg yolk, liquid pasteurized egg melange)

Центр градиента Прозрачный

Vegetable oils and meals:

  • sunflower-seed oil and meal

  • soya-bean oil and meal

  • rapeseed oil and meal

  • pumpkin seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, apricot kernel oil etc.

Milling products, pasta, sugar:

  • cereal grains (rice grits, millet cereal, milled corn grits, oatmeal, milled peas etc.)

  • wheat flour and rye flour, feed bran

  • pasta and spaghetti

  • beet sugar

Preserved products:

  • canned meat, meat&porridge and fish

  • tomato paste, ketchups and sauces, lecho and dressings, mustard and mayonnaise

  • canned vegetables, legumes and mushrooms

  • canned fruits and jams

Центр градиента Прозрачный


  • cookies, crackers, cupcakes, waffles, gingerbread, marshmallow, marmalade, halva

  • cakes, sponge cakes, pastries, sweet rolls etc.

  • candies (glazed, waffle, praline, roasted candies, caramel, jelly etc.)

  • chocolate bars and energy bars

Frozen food:

  • ice cream and frozen cakes

  • frozen fruits, vegetables, legumes, berries, mushrooms, french fries

  • ravioli, dumplings, khinkali, pancakes, cheesecakes, dough, cutlets, meatballs

Other products:

  • dry breakfasts, oat flakes, granola, corn sticks, glazed cocoa rings etc.

  • instant porridge, puree, soup, pasta

  • natural honey

  • walnuts


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